Paul Levarda

Paul Levarda

Paul Levarda

Co-founder L2D

Experienced business developer, trainer and entrepreneur. Personal development marathonist.

Always a fan of innovative projects, starter by design, he looks for challenges because those are the opportunity creators.

With heavy sales and negotiating experience gathered within media, real estate and consulting businesses, the next logical step in his career was becoming a trainer. He believes in teaching others simple and functional solutions to grow businesses.

The learning cycle is complete only when the theory is put in practice. So, his focus is permanently on results and what works. He is more of a practitioner than a teacher, sharing from his and other’s experience.

As a founder of Via Progressium – training company, he searches for experts with proven professional background, willing to share from their expertise. That, combined with adult learning theories, lead to beautifully designed training experiences.

He is a dreamer, in love with the sky and flying, always thinking and searching beyond what’s possible.